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Jun 16, 2022

On episode 101 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to discuss paper straws, female breadwinners, and how people react when a husband cooks more for his family than his wife.

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:30- Starting off hot with Tim taking a stance against paper straws. He hates them and the crew agrees. 

2:00 - Tim did some research to back up his anti-paper straw stance. He found out that 330 million plastic straws are used in the US everyday. 

4:20 - Madeline mentions Tom Brady’s crazy tirade on straws a few hours ago. She says you can see Gisele’s influence .

8:00 - Tim’s wife thinks the best straws are McDonald’s. JLee loves Wendy’s and the wide bubble tea straws. 

10:30 - The BBC came out with a study about the woman in a relationship being the breadwinner. The study found that women who are the breadwinner actually do more housework. 

13:45 - Madeline says that when her kids were babies, she wanted to do all the baby things and it’s translated to more when her kids have gotten older. 

16:00 - JLee wonders if this is self-imposed. She thinks that if a woman is in a high-stress, important job that they may have the personality traits of someone who may want things done a certain way in the household. 

20:30 - Another piece of this study showed that 30% of females are the breadwinner of their household. This is a number that will continue to grow. He asks if there will ever be a time where men start to do the majority of the housework.

24:30 - Tim mentions that he comes from a family of cooks and he cooked more in the house. He said her family were beside themselves that Tim cooked for the family and his wife didn’t alway have to do it.

27:15 -  JLee mentioned parts of the article that discuss a conversion in a couple where a woman makes more than her male partner. She talks about her own experience with that conversation. 

30:20 - Tim talks about how society is going to have to get used to stay-at-home Dads and women being the main earners for their families.