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Jun 6, 2021

On episode 65 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee come together to discuss electric vehicles, leadership porn, and ride sharing companies ramping up signing bonuses for drivers due to wait times and fares being up significantly.

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3:00 - KD asks JLee what the first electronic vehicle (EV) she’ll own will be. JLee’s husband wants the Tesla Model Y. Tim wants the Hummer EV Edition 1 but he might have to get it used. 

8:00 - First topic: CEO and leadership clickbait! All HR people have seen a leader that will create a big email thread about an article they’ve become obsessed with. 

10:00 - This is the CNBC article about 5 quick tests to hiring. Some of these tests include the “good person”, “energy”, and “another offer” test.  KD thinks it's a hoot and representative of everything that's wrong with leadership content.

12:30 - Tim thinks that Reffkin sounds like he’s trying to hire a grandmother with some of his rules. Do we really want everyone to live by the golden rule? And how do you freaking figure THAT out in an interview process.

14:30 - Reffkin discusses in the article how the term “culture fit” can be a disguise for discrimination, then proceeds to add ways he can hire who he wants with his own, made up principles. 

18:00 - KD says the problem with “leadership porn” is when it gets passed down to the masses that don’t maybe have the experience or expertise to critically look at the lessons getting passed down. 

20:30 - Don’t try to match your navy’s folks!

21:30 - Time for the CHRO move of the week! Snap (formally known as Snapchat) hired Darcy Henry as their new CHRO. She was poached from Amazon.

24:00 - If you want an entry level HR job, try recruiting! 

27:00 - Driver shortages are really crushing the ride-share companies like Uber and Lyft as reported by The Verge.  KD reports that ridesharing companies are adding their own stimulus program by way of signing bonuses for drivers.

29:00 - JLee reports that Peter Capelli says that companies need to stop complaining about the labor shortages because they “broke trust” with workers in his new article. KD acknowledges that JLee is simply reporting what he said, then mocks Capelli for blaming companies for eroding trust that either had to cut payroll or go out of business because of a GLOBAL PANDEMIC. 

31:30 - Tim says that once the stimulus ends in September, hiring is not going to get magically easier and it’ll still be hard to hire hourly workers.

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