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Aug 1, 2021

On episode 72 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Jessica Lee and Kris Dunn   come together to discuss when they are most productive, their work habits via Microsoft MyAnalytics Reports and what those reports say about their wellness levels and work-life balance.

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2:30 - KD kicks off the episode by asking the crew if they’re more productive in the morning or night. JLee is not a morning person, where Tim is the opposite. 

6:00 - KD likes to wake up in the morning and read a few chapters. Can you read in the morning or would you fall asleep?

9:00 - KD tries to unplug once a week and he checks his Microsoft MyAnalytics report to see how good he is at this. The analytics report didn’t seem too impressed with KD’s attempt at “crushing it” since he only had 2 work free days in the entire month. 

12:00 - These Microsoft reports seem to be telling employees that they have some work to do from a wellbeing perspective due to set “on and off” hours. 

14:30 - Another statistic KD’s report gave him was that he compromised his “nightly recharge” by working after midnight. 

17:30 - JLee thinks that what might work with these reports is managers having conversations with their teams about how to best look at this data and use the insightful parts.

19:00 - Tim turns off his phone at night and walks up to a manual alarm clock. JLee and KD leave their phones on at night. Do you leave your phone on at night?

22:30 - KD notes that there is no real designation on the platform as “offline” so it’s giving everyone “online” time during their working hours, even if they’re not being 100% productive. 

24:30 - KD’s report said that he gets easily distracted by email and reads 75% of his email within 30 minutes of reading it. The advice it gave him was to think about reading emails only once an hour. 

28:00 - Tim and KD read over 1000 emails a week. JLee says she doesn’t read a lot of emails and KD notes that that’s only really okay if you’re a leader. 

32:00 - KD gives props to Microsoft for giving a shot at giving these kinds of analytics. He doesn’t know if he loves all of this info going to all employees without more context.