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Oct 10, 2021

On episode 83 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Jessica Lee and Kris Dunn come together to discuss  Halloween at work, Zillow’s new remote comp approach, and JLee’s new job!

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2:00 - Halloween is coming soon! JLee asks the crew if they’re dressing up for the holiday this year. 

4:15 - JLee wonders if she is forcing fun onto her friends, family, and co-workers by making them do fall/Halloween related activities. Tim says that people almost always have fun when they’re forced to partake in these types of activities. 

8:00 - How do you feel about group costumes? The crew goes back and forth on good group costumes. 

10:30 -  JLee saw a post on LinkedIn of an update from a CHRO at a major company. She reads the update to Tim and KD and then reveals that the company is Zillow. 

12:45 - KD is softening to the approach of not factoring in location when determining salary/pay. 

16:45 - JLee notes that certain brands have the privilege to exercise changes in pay and salary because people are willing to give something up to work for your brand. 

18:40 - Tim worries that the fact that companies are doubling down on not changing pay based on location will result in something bad happening years down the line. 

22:00 - JLee wonders if everyone is overreacting to these discussions and changes in company policies. She thinks some things will just go back to how they were and this might just blow over. 

24:00 - JLee praises KD for changing his opinion and having the ability to develop a new stance on something. 

25:00 - JLee got a promotion! She asks Tim and KD for some advice on her new job. 

28:00 - KD advises JLee to give patience to new people that she is now managing. He advises her to walk the line between being patient but also being decisive when the time comes. 

31:30 - Tim advises JLee to bring a third party, within the company, to lead transition meetings in order to give a voice to her new employees. 

36:30 - JLee asks Tim and KD how to manage new stresses with a new job at home when it comes to family. Tim says your time becomes more valuable and there are things you have to figure out that will make your life easier. 

39:00 - JLee mentions that her husband recently reached out about any extra support she needs now with a new job. KD and Tim are impressed.