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Feb 24, 2022

On episode 97 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Kris Dunn, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to discuss Station Eleven, standing desk etiquette, and the phenomenon of life coaching.

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1:45 - Any Station Eleven fans? Tim feels some kinship because it takes place around his home, the Great Lakes. 

5:30 - JLee remembers KD’s commitment to do 100 pull ups a day. He says he doesn’t do them everyday but he can do 120-150 reps.

7:30 - JLee asks a question about work from home etiquette. She was on a call with someone that was at a standing desk. She felt like the person standing was being imposing.

12:30 - Anyone else eat spaghetti on Zoom? JLee does. And tomato soup…

13:00 - Coaching is all the rage. JLee asks why it’s so popular and who the type of person is that becomes a coach. Tim thinks it’s all the boomers that early-retired during the pandemic. 

17:00 JLee wonders when a coach is even necessary and if an AI bot would just be a better option to chat. 

19:00 - Tim went to a coach once and he just felt like all the coach was doing was agreeing with what he was already thinking and doing. 

21:45 - KD wonders what percentage of coaches can actually deliver what someone needs. He thinks only 10-20%. 

24:45 - JLee wonders why people want to separate the pay conversation from a performance review. Tim agrees and doesn’t understand it either. 

28:00 - Tim’s first pay increase in a corporate environment was 3% and he was furious. He couldn’t wrap his head around it. 

32:00 - KD starts doing a mock performance review/pay conversation with JLee. The pay will never be what you want. 

34:00 - KD says people don’t contrast good vs. great enough.