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Apr 11, 2021

On episode 58 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn and Jessica Lee come together to discuss what happens when HR pros get harassed in the workplace. JLee shares her story of being harassed at work as an HR pro, the process that followed and then discusses the situation and process with KD and Tim.

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1:30 - Tim got his first COVID vaccine. He’s the first of the crew to get it! He got it at an old Sear’s!

5:00 - First topic of the day: JLee shares her story about being sexually harassed at work. 

12:30 - Tim asks JLee what percentage of women have experienced harassment in the workplace. She says well over 50%. 

15:00 - KD asks JLee what happened after she reported the harassment. JLee asked HR not to do anything about it and she confronted the harasser herself. 

19:40 - JLee says that she felt like she needed to handle it herself because she was a strong female leader. She also notes that she didn’t have confidence in the HR employees to handle it effectively. 

21:50 - Tim asks JLee if she thinks what this person did was a fireable offense. She says that from her HR perspective, it seems like this employee shouldn’t be working there because of the repeated offenses. 

23:00 - KD says that he misses employee investigations. JLee doesn’t miss them and Tim doesn't miss the lose-lose investigations. 

26:30 - JLee says that her boss at the time was very protective of her and she worried that the boss was going to do something if she didn’t handle it herself. 

30:20 - KD asks JLee if she thinks other global cultures have caught up with workplace behavior and treatment. She thinks that some pockets of the world are more progressive than others but overall, they have not caught up. 

33:00 - Tim mentions how as a society, we’ve started the practice of guilty companies into doing the right thing. He mentions the example of disparities in the NCAA March Madness tournament with the men’s teams and women’s teams. 

40:00 - JLee remembers that she has all of the email correspondences of her dealings with her sexual harrassment. . She’s an A+ HR employee!