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Sep 26, 2021

On episode 81 of The HR Famous Podcast,  long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Jessica Lee and Kris Dunn come together to discuss texting in the workplace, the Theranos trial, and the proposed paid leave bill.

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2:40 - KD recently was on a run while on vacation in Florida and pulled out his phone and checked out the Zillow app while running - a normal KD trait.

4:30 - KD asks JLee to speak about an instance where she made a business mistake over texting. JLee mentions a co-worker who had a misspelling error. 

7:15 - Tim talks about how the “meeting after the meeting” is now happening during the meeting on Zoom. 

9:15 - How cognizant are you of your exclamation point usage in emails? JLee says she doesn’t limit herself like she once did. 

12:00 - KD mentions the book Bad Blood by Ramesh Balwani that is about Theranos and their blood testing. 

14:00 - KD reads text messages between Elizabeth Homes and Sunny Balwani that were uncovered by the prosecutors at the ongoing Theranos trial. 

19:00 - KD thinks that the prosecutor should have a running screen at the trial of the best text exchanges between Holmes and Balwani.

22:30 - JLee warns everyone that text messages can be discovered even if they are deleted. 

24:00 - The People Infrastructure Bill coming from the Biden administration has a lot of things that impact the workplace. KD brings up paid leave and the new policy. This policy includes paid leave for almost all workers that have earned wages in the last 6 months. 

26:00 - Tim’s initial reaction is torn because he wants to have the paid leave benefits for American people and families but he worries about the actual financial cost of these policies. 

29:00 - JLee mentions how it’s hard to manage paid leave in a multi-state work environment and how some of these policies could help ease those complications. 

31:00 - Tim says that HR pros may be the worst to talk about paid leave because they see all the people that take advantage of systems that are in place to help people. 

36:00 - KD reads the 9 states that currently have 9 paid leave laws. JLee says she’s surprised Maryland doesn’t have paid leave laws. Tim says that he’s surprised Vermont isn’t included and KD says Minnesota.