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Dec 16, 2021

On episode 91 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett and Kris Dunn come together to discuss Jeff Bezos’ carbon footprint and the major blunder related to Zoom-based layoffs at 

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2:00 - It’s boy’s week on HR Famous! Please stay with us JLee fan club!

3:00 - Follow Tim on Insta @timsackett! 

4:30 - Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently went to space and his carbon footprint for the 9 minute flight was equal to the carbon footprint of 1 billion people on Earth…

7:00 - Tim doesn’t like it when people on vacation tell you what to do. 

10:30 - The CEO of, Vishal Garg, decided to announce layoffs of 9% of their workforce. He had a call with 900 employees that were getting laid off and rather than having the entire company on the call, they laid off everyone on the call.

13:00 - Tim says that both him and KD have been in companies that had to do massive layoffs and they still found time to make it personal and not so heartless.

16:30 - The CEO accused his employees of only working 2 hours a day and “stealing from the company”. 

21:00 - Garg is taking time off effectively immediately. is rated as the best place to work in NYC…

26:30 - Tim says that he can recognize why the PR and comms execs resigned because they could get a lot of flack if they stayed and had to take ownership for Garg’s failures. 

37:30 - Tim thinks that Garg needs to resign as CEO and stay on the board but hire a real CEO to run this company.