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May 31, 2022

On episode 100 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Kris Dunn, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together for their 100th episode! They discuss what they remember, what they struggled with and what they loved in doing 100 episodes of HR Famous together!

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2:45 - KD couldn’t stay away! He’s back for the extra special 100th episode. 

5:00 - Many of the HR Famous episodes are about the differences of life during the pandemic. Tim talked about the difference of COVID caution between going to a college basketball game and a Broadway show.

8:30 - JLee just said that her daughter is now going to elementary school (for the first time) without a mask! 

10:45 - Tim asks the crew what they’ve learned doing 100 podcast episodes. JLee said that she’s learned to have an opinion and it’s helped her in her career development. On the flip side, she’s learned how to see both sides of an issue. 

12:45 - KD asks Tim and JLee if they made any changes to how they speak after the first episodes. JLee said she tries to start fewer sentences with “well” or “so”. KD tried to be crisper with his speaking cadence. 

16:30 - KD says the text group should be a podcast. Release the messages!

18:30 - Is KD the most guarded on the podcast? Tim says so and JLee thinks that could be true. Tim says it’s his political savviness that leads this. 

20:00 - Any other flat pillow lovers? JLee is a flat pillow person. KD likes a fluffy pillow you can sink into. 

22:30 - JLee asks the crew what episode they thought was interesting and offered a different perspective. JLee’s answer is Episode 79 - Why Are Males Increasingly Opting Out Of College. 

25:00 - Tim and KD are still bitter that Gary V requested to connect with JLee on LinkedIn instead of them. JLee is still pining for him to come on the pod!

28:00 - Episode 66 - Geriatric Millennials and HR Influencer Lists is still a point of contention!

31:00 - Tim asks the question “who did you learn the most from?”. Tim says KD because he always thinks he knows what he’s going to say but he comes in with different takes often.