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Aug 14, 2021

On episode 74 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Jessica Lee and Kris Dunn come together to discuss fears of employee communication monitoring, how much bosses are really monitoring their employees, and LinkedIn’s latest announcement on their plan for remote work. 

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3:00 - Tim mentions a county in Michigan that is offering new residents $15,000 to move there and buy property. He asks the crew how much money they would move for. 

6:00 - Jessica mentions a program in Italy right now where they’re selling properties for dirt cheap in hopes that people will come and revitalize and invest in small Italian towns. 

8:30 - Tim asks the crew if they’ve ever been nervous that a boss was monitoring their communication. JLee says that only when she’s said something bad about that boss. 

10:30 - JLee asks Tim and KD if they think people are worried their bosses are reading their actual emails. Tim says that it partly is an HR narrative issue and he says most times actual people aren’t monitoring, it’s technical processes that are. 

13:15 - While Tim was working at Applebee’s, his boss got flagged that he was spending a lot of time on Facebook. At the time, they were trying to do some recruiting initiatives on the platform. 

17:00 - JLee asks if it’s okay for her to judge her team members for having such expensive phone plans. 

19:30 - Tim loves to mess with KD and JLee by sending them annoying messages while they’re presenting in a meeting so the notifications pop up for everyone to see…

24:00 - LinkedIn’s CEO recently published a post titled “We Trust Each Other”. They decided to go back to work half-time and this posts reflects on their decision and revises their policy, where moving forward they’re offering more flexibility to their employees and where they work. 

27:00 - JLee applauds them for this messaging, even though they are backpedaling on their original announcement. She likes messages with the world ‘trust’ and thinks it’s smart from a communication perspective.

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