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Oct 24, 2021

On episode 85 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Jessica Lee and Kris Dunn come together to discuss the differences between Big 10 and SEC football games, how many hours a week we work, and whether America is ready for a 4-day work week. 

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2:00 - Tim recently visited KD in Alabama and went to an Auburn football game. He said it was very different from the Big 10 football games he’s accustomed to. 

6:00 - Tim is upset with KD because he didn’t prepare Tim with the right gear for an Auburn football game. Everyone wears polos and Tim didn’t have one to fit in with the other men. 

9:00 - The only person that Tim found that matched him was an elderly woman at a pizza restaurant…

12:00 - Tim found that the consumption of alcohol at an SEC game is about 50% less than a Big 10 game. He also found that the fans get to the games a lot earlier than at Big 10 schools. 

16:45 - Atlassian put out an article titled “This is how many hours you should really be working”. WHO found out that around the world that working 55 hours a week or more can put serious risk on your life. 

18:30 - JLee says she works about 55 hours a week. Tim doesn’t think she does and thinks she only works 40. 

23:00 - KD asks Tim how many hours a week he works. He says that he doesn’t really know. At first, he thought he would say 40 hours but he now thinks it might be a little bit more. 

26:00 - KD says on the flip side of “hustle porn”, there is “work-life balance porn”. 

27:45 - Tim asks the ultimate trigger question: “do you work more or less hours at home than when you worked in the office?”. JLee says she works more at-home for sure, since there are less distractions. KD says the opposite, but he’s been in a hybrid model for 10 years. 

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